Literacy strategies in mathematics is a class that all teachers teach here at Berry Middle School. The purpose of the class is to allow students to develop specific reading strategies within all four content areas, and really show that reading is important, not just in language arts, but in all content areas. A few of the things that are stressed and covered in my literacy strategies class are:
  1. Vocabulary - The students will have a vocab quiz every Friday based on 10 words given to them at the beginning of the week. The quiz is matching on the front and fill in the blank on the back. Students will define the words at the beginning of the week, and the words are derived from a given short passage which allows the students to see and relate to them in a real world meaning.
  2. 6 Way Paragraphs - 6 way paragraphs are a way for the students to take a short passage and find specific meaning and detail within the passage. It asks the students to pick out things like the main idea, context clues, questions about a specific part of the conclusion, etc. Every 6 way paragraph is related to some mathematical topic, so it allows the students to develop reading strategies that they need and also develop a deeper understanding of specific mathematical content.
  3. ARMT strategies - Every spring the students take the ARMT test which stands for Alabama Reading and Mathematics test. It tests the students ability to not only solve problems, but to also see if they are able to put their answers in an organized written format, not just numerical answers. We work on different strategies that will help the students attack this test and be more successful in their mathematical writing, not just on the test but also within the classroom.
  4. Mathematician Project - Every year I have the students do a research project on a mathematician. Not only does it allow them the opportunity to fine tune the skills they need to do a research paper/project, but it also allows them the opportunity to discover that there are some very interesting and fascinating mathematicians who have made major contributions to the field of mathematics. Again, one of the goals we want to stress in this class is writing in the curriculum area, and this provides them with a great opportunity.
  5. Scholastic Math Magazine - Once every two weeks, sometimes once a week, the students will be provided and graded on articles within a math magazine entitled "Scholastic Math". The articles are normally one to two pages and contain a concept that entrigues the students and also allows them to practice specific skills that they have/will learn in my math class. It is also geared towards the more popular people, genres, and artists that the students today are familiar with.

These are just a few of the activities that the students will take part in. It is a class that is very important to the development of our students becoming not only better mathematicians, but also better writers no matter what the subject area.

Reading Homework